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    To My Penpal

    To My Penpal Yufu

    2021-06-29 西洋/流行音樂
    ◎Genre/Mood:Motown、Jazz、Soul、咖啡、小酒館、Chill微醺<br />◎資深樂評人小樹、街聲未來進行式推薦音樂人!鱷魚迷幻、YUFU & 絲絨印象派樂隊主唱、靈魂迷幻樂手YUFU(陳郁夫)回歸個人身分推出全新EP ,有別於以往衝浪搖滾、放克搖滾、車庫迷幻的創作元素,這次回歸令他迷戀的音樂Motown、Soul,將那些夜燈裡徘徊的1970年代音樂在編曲中得到釋懷。<br />◎靈魂樂也是Yufu唯一能夠詮釋情感最好的語言,《To My Penpal》主題也以「獻給筆友」來說明他對於社群媒體的期望,對他來說最浪漫的聯絡還是那私密、富有想象空間、富有儀式感的信件往來。<br /><br /><br />經過365次苦算日子的迴圈後 Yufu的To My Penpal 六首曲子的EP正式誕生了。<br />在經歷2020病毒肆虐這一年當中,重新思考了音樂和人之間的連結的Yufu也在創作中得到新的平衡,相較以往強調的搖滾音樂。這次的Yufu回到他以往創作外迷戀的音樂- Motown摩托城音樂以及Soul靈魂樂。 <br /><br />那些夜燈裡徘徊的1970年代音樂也讓他在編曲中得到釋懷。而靈魂樂也是Yufu唯一能夠詮釋情感最好的語言。<br /><br />在新的EP中,Yufu在他的創作中強調了人類對於不管肢體上或是情感上不能抹滅的依賴。<br />”Warm Fuzz”一曲表現出每個人對於那”溫暖的毛躁感“不能言喻的上癮。而整首歌曲當中尋找的那美好記憶也似乎總是由指尖擦過而無法捕捉。 <br />”Our Vibrations”一曲則是一首關於人類對於七情六慾表現的振動頻率。那頻率交錯複雜,能夠拯救也得以摧毀人類。<br /><br />這張EP是Yufu本身對於自己的脆弱面筆記的寫照。他也相信唯有誠實的創作才能是好作品。對於Yufu自己和外界世界的聯繫,這次EP主題也以To My Penpal獻給筆友來說明他對於社群媒體,人們維繫彼此工具上的期望。 也許對他來說最浪漫的聯絡還是那私密,富有想象空間的,富有儀式感的信件往來。<br /><br /><br />收錄歌曲 <br />1. Claire Awaits (Cassette Version)<br />2. Our Vibration (Cassette Version)<br />3. Bad Intentions (Cassette Version)<br />4. The Walls Are Coming In (Cassette Version)<br />5. Warm Fuzz (Cassette Version)<br />6. Bad Intentions (Cassette Alternate Version)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />After going in and out of those 365 loops of counting days. Yufu’s new EP “To My Penpal '' was born. <br />During the pandemic of the year 2020. Yufu regained his balance for creating music after re-collecting his thoughts for human connection. Differently from his original rock’n’roll roots, Yufu decided that he would compose his music in the style that he has always been touched and inspired by when he is not making rock music, Motown and Soul music. Those nights filled with nothing but 70s soul music made Yufu find himself and he believes it is soul music that could really translate his emotions. In this new EP, Yufu addresses the dependence humans form towards emotional and also physical interaction. In the song “Warm Fuzz” everyone seems to be looking for that warm fuzzy feeling and yet somehow this addiction can’t be treated. This warm fuzz always seems to slip through our fingers. “Our Vibrations” is a song about the emotions and lust we all possess, and it can either keep us alive or drive us mad. This EP is the sum of the notes Yufu has for himself. He truly believes it is through the vulnerability that makes him create honest music. The name of the EP “To My Penpal '' also represents the way Yufu wished that the world would communicate in, which is intimate, evasive and romantic. 看更多