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    Millions of Years Apart

    Millions of Years Apart 恐龍的皮(The Dinosaur's Skin)

    2021-06-30 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    以暴龍與三角龍的頭套形象走跳於獨立音樂祭,身份引起眾多討論的神秘樂團「The Dinosaur’s Skin 恐龍的皮」,融合Bedroom Pop、Indie rock、Dream pop、Synth pop、lo-fi的曲風,初發行單曲〈All My Friends Are Dead〉就受KKBOX、吹音樂、黑卡雜誌等媒體撰文推薦,更在StreetVoice平台上獲得編輯推薦、Song of the Day並突破萬次播放。 首張EP《Millions of Years Apart》曲風更加多元、成熟,收錄能量全開的獨立搖滾〈Jurassic Ride〉、踩著Lofi節奏的三拍子男女對唱〈Millions of Years Apart〉以及琅琅上口的好評單曲〈All My Friends Are Dead〉,戲謔的歌詞說著恐龍們的故事,也說著所有人的故事。由Crispy脆樂團的主唱Skippy擔任製作人,找來MANDARK、Everydaze等活躍於獨立圈的唱作人參與,並與來自世界各地的樂手合作,為一張橫跨各種不同膚色、性別、甚至物種的作品。 EP同名主打〈Millions of Years Apart〉特別邀請來自甜約翰、I Mean Us的女神主唱MANDARK合唱,與男主唱暴龍交織出豐富的和聲,搭配三角龍精彩的鋼琴獨奏與鳴叫,唱出恐龍穿越百萬年的淒美愛情故事。飽滿豐厚的合成器聲響、歪斜夢幻的電吉他、來自奈及利亞的厚實Bass,懷舊感十足的電子拍點,所有未能相遇的遺憾,都在一起成為化石後圓滿。 “I love you, but we are millions of years apart.” —————————— 歌曲介紹(by 三角龍) 1.Jurassic Ride 好朋友阿翼(翼龍)徜徉在侏羅紀的天空的故事,啊!熱切自由的心!! 2.Millions of Years Apart (feat. MANDARK) 古生物學家發現了兩隻緊緊相擁的恐龍化石,然而,他們的年代,竟然相差了幾百萬年,淒美的愛情故事,即將揭開神秘的面紗! 3.All My Friends Are Dead 回想起....那一天.....我所有的朋友都死了.... —————————— The Dinosaur’s Skin Debut EP “Millions of Years Apart” “The Dinosaur’s Skin” is a so-called Jurassic-Pop duo based somewhere in Pangea. Their music combines the smooth melodies of indie-Pop with dreamy Astroidgaze synth soundscape and feel good indie-rock beat. The band wear dinosaur masks in public and takes the character of two dinosaurs T-rex and Tri, with songs about their prehistoric ventures. After releasing their debut single “All My Friends Are Dead”, they’ve been featured on various music media such as KKBOX, Blow Media and Hackazine, and were recommended on indie music platform StreetVoice. Their debut EP “Millions of Years Apart” explores a wider variety of genres with songs ranging from upbeat head banger “Jurassic Ride” , lo-fi duet ballad “Millions of Years Apart” to indie-pop anthem “All My Friends Are Dead”. The often playful and ironic lyrics tell stories of dinosaurs, their undying love spanning millions of years, their freedom atop of soaring pterodactyls and their sorrow for lost friends. The EP is produced by Skippy from the indie-pop band Crispy, and features musicians from all over the world including indie artists MANDARK and Everydaze. The lead single “Millions of Years Apart” is a duet between lead singer Trex and MANDARK from Sweet John and I Mean Us, with rich synth sounds and detuned chorus guitars on a lush lofi beat. The song tells the unfulfilled love tale of two dinosaurs that were from different eras of time, but their fossils were found together, entwined as if in an embrace. Happy but sad, just like the faces beneath the dinosaur’s skin. “I love you, but we are millions of years apart.” 看更多


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    恐龍的皮(The Dinosaur's Skin) 看歌詞
    恐龍的皮(The Dinosaur's Skin) 看歌詞
    恐龍的皮(The Dinosaur's Skin) 看歌詞