California (feat. 王嘉爾 & Warren Hue) [Remix]

California (feat. 王嘉爾 & Warren Hue) [Remix] 88rising & Rich Brian & NIKI

2021-07-15 西洋/流行音樂
繼眾所期待的88rising全球性音樂合作專案 - 集合東西方新興藝術家的年度廠牌合輯《Head In The Clouds III》在不久前釋出大熱單曲 “California (feat. Warren Hue)”之後,來自中國的全能多棲藝人王嘉爾與88rising的標誌性藝術家Rich Brian,NIKI以及新成員Warren Hue又聯手為這首單曲帶來了一個全新的版本 - “California (feat. 王嘉爾 & Warren Hue) [Remix]”。在歌曲中他們共同講述了各自在“California”的生活體驗,在輕快的原音吉他伴奏中,他們攜手歌頌與回望這個金色的家園,一起唱出屬於自己的故事。<br /><br />Following the hit single "California (feat. Warren Hue)", off of Head In The Clouds III - 88rising’s third world-building collaborative effort bringing together rising artists from East to West - comes "California (feat. Jackson Wang & Warren Hue) [Remix]". Chinese triple threat Jackson Wang joins 88rising flagship artists Rich Brian & NIKI and newcomer Warren Hue to contextualize their own experiences with "California" as newcomers to Los Angeles. Over wistful acoustic guitar, the artists both celebrate and commiserate the Golden state, harmoniously coming together to tell their own stories. 看更多