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    給老天爺的悄悄話 陳含章

    2021-12-06 演奏/心靈紓壓
    音樂、信仰與生命,是互相連結的。 音樂,可以是無法以言語訴說的禱詞,亦是與天主溝通的管道。 ★ 旅美音樂系教授陳含章,首張個人爵士聖樂專輯 ★ 以豐厚爵士功底改編、結合經典基督教靈歌 ★ 真摯的旋律和動人的節奏,向生命祈禱與對話 爵士鋼琴家瑪莉露˙ 威廉絲 (Mary Lou Williams)在世時曾說過:「爵士樂的根源來自人的苦難,而人的苦難化做靈歌 (spirituals) 。「靈歌」一詞的背後,多少帶點基督宗教教義的意涵。透過真摯深刻的旋律、觸動人心的節奏,人們將他們的擔憂、悲傷、喜樂、渴望和感謝傳達並交託給天主,與永恆的生命對話。對有著天主教信仰的鋼琴家陳含章博士來說,爵士樂正因為有了「靈歌」的精神,就成為敬拜天主,在生命中祈禱的音樂語彙。 2020三月中,新冠疫情在美國大爆發,陳含章在閉門期間不斷藉由音樂反思自己的存在與生命的意義。希望透過爵士聖樂,與世人分享,並且邀請大家一起為世界祈禱,為受苦難的人們帶來心靈上的安慰與鼓勵。 專輯中的每一首原創與改編代表含章在生命中受到的啟發,更是向生命主宰的音樂奉獻。藉由從獨奏到五重奏的編制呈現爵士聖樂的各種樣貌,帶領大家進入不同的音樂冥想氛圍。 Music and faith are closely related to our life. Music is an unspoken prayer and a way to communicate with God. Jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams once said, “Jazz came from spirituals, and spirituals came from human’s suffering.” There is theological implication of Christianity behind the word “spiritual.” Through beautiful melody and heartfelt rhythm in music, people bring their worries, sorrow, joy, hope and thanks to God, having a conversation with the eternal life. To Dr. Theresa Chen, also a jazz pianist and a Catholic believer, jazz could become a musical language in prayer and worships, for its deep, profound context associated with spirituals. In March 2020, the pandemic stroke the United States. During the quarantine, Theresa kept reflecting upon herself and meaning of life. Through her unique rendition of sacred jazz works, she hopes to share her care to the world, invite everyone to join the prayer for peace on earth, and bring comfort and encouragement to those who are suffering. Each original and arrangement represents Theresa’s inspiration from life and musical offering to God. Through presenting various jazz instrumentations from solo piano to quintet, Theresa will lead us to experience different musical medications with the Lord. 關於陳含章 陳含章博士,台裔全方位音樂人。身兼鍵盤即興演奏家、作/編曲家、伴奏家、教育家以及天主教禮儀音樂工作者等數職。出生於美國紐約州水牛城,4歲回台於嘉義市長大,並始以鋼琴為主修。先後獲得國立台灣師範大學音樂系鋼琴組學士、美國伊斯曼音樂學院(Eastman School of Music)爵士音樂系碩博士,取得古典鋼琴以及爵士鋼琴演奏學位,亦為第二位台灣爵士演奏博士。現於美國紐約州雪城大學(Syracuse University)擔任爵士鋼琴暨爵士音樂史與商業流行歌曲創作課程兼任教授,指導雪大融合爵士樂團,為首位於美國正規大學音樂系教授爵士樂的台灣人。 陳含章的音樂學術研究範圍相當廣泛與多元,包括西洋古典音樂即興演奏、世界女性爵士鋼琴手的演奏風格以及歷史貢獻、爵士樂在亞洲的發展史、爵士樂理暨音樂史教學法,以及1920年代獨奏鋼琴Stride style演奏技巧。 Theresa Chen, D.M.A., is an active, well-rounded musician. She is an improvising keyboardist, accompanist, composer/arranger, pedagogue, and Catholic music minister. Dr. Chen is an instructor of applied jazz piano, jazz/funk combo, songwriting, and history of jazz course at Syracuse University. She is the first Taiwanese-American who teaches jazz at the college of music in the United States. She has previously taught Functional Jazz Piano courses and secondary jazz piano lessons from 2013-2018 when she was assigned as a teaching assistant at the Eastman School of Music. She also has given a diverse series of clinics, lectures, and masterclasses around Taiwan and America. Dr. Chen is devoted to a series of performance projects on women jazz instrumentalists, historical improvisations, jazz in Asia, pedagogical methods of jazz theory/history, and performance practice of the stride piano. 專輯曲目 1.天使的豎琴即興曲 The Impromptu by the Angel’s Harp 舒伯特的第三號即興曲讓我聯想到了天堂裡的天使彈奏著豎琴歌頌上主。當我閉上眼細細聆聽,我想像自己隨著天使的豎琴聲漂浮在柔軟的雲朵上遨遊,在一個地方駐足,與天使享受咖啡時光,然後繼續飛翔。 The picture in my mind when it comes to Franz Schubert’s Impromptu Op. 90 No. 3, I always think of an angel playing the harp, praising God. When closing my eyes listening to the piece, I imagine myself flying, floating above the clouds along with beautiful sound of the harp. I stop by a place where I enjoy coffee time with the angel, then continue to the journey. 2.仁愛君王是我善牧 ST. COLUMBIA (The King of Love My Shepherd Is) 這首源自於愛爾蘭民謠的聖詠23篇是我喜歡的詩歌之一。每當我經歷挫折時,這篇優美的詩歌總是帶給我安慰。改編這首聖歌的時候,總有那麼一段話讓我在和聲進行和織度的設計上有所想像:「縱使我應走過陰森的幽谷,我不怕凶險,因祢與我同在。」沒有完全解決的和聲搭配十六分音符切分節奏,加上三重奏之間產生的空間感,整體音樂營造了基督平安地陪伴我們跨越生活上的每一道關卡。 The King of Love My Shepherd Is, aka Psalm 23, is one of my favorite hymns. This beautiful hymn always brings my comfort whenever I feel frustrated. When arranging this tune, I had an imagination of this particular sentence in my mind in terms of designing reharmonizations and textures, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” Unresolved harmonies, syncopated sixteen-note patterns, and spatial effect between the trio create a narrative of Jesus peacefully accompanying us to pass through every stage of our life. 3.給老天爺的悄悄話 Whispering to God 想像一個人在充滿微光的室內,靜悄悄地與主相遇,心動的瞬間油然而生。三重奏之間的對話,偶有對位,偶有休止,鋪成屬於我與主之間的精緻時刻。 Imaging yourself quietly encounter God in a dark room with little light. The conversation within the trio creates heartfelt moments with occasional counterpoints and rests. This represents the quality time that only belongs to me and God. 4.垂憐曲 Kyrie You raise the dead to life in the Spirit: Lord, have mercy on us. You bring pardon and peace to the sinner: Have mercy on us, O Christ. You bring light to those in darkness: Lord, have mercy on us. 袮使我們死而復活:上主,求你垂憐! 祢為我們罪人帶來平安與寬恕:基督,求你垂憐! 在黑暗中祢為我們帶來光明:上主,求你垂憐! 5.在花園中 In the Garden 很多時候當我們一蹶不振時,我們帶著焦慮和擔憂尋求天主的依靠,但總覺得天主不在身邊,或者是聽不到祂的回應。這樣的心境讓我想到了瑪利亞˙瑪達勒納,主基督的門徒之一。當她發現埋葬基督的墳墓已空,就在前方的花園焦急地尋找祂。而貌似園丁的基督顯現在瑪利亞的面前呼喚她,使得她又驚又喜。主的復活,使在黑暗之中的我們重新燃起了希望。這樣的意象讓我有了一個以穩定的持續音(pedal point)當基底,但和聲色彩變化多端的Mixolydian調式環境來貫穿全曲。 Whenever we fall, we look for protection from God with stress and anxiety, but at the same time we feel God is not beside us, or we cannot hear his response. This emotion reminds me of Mary Magdalene, a devout disciple of Christ. When she found the empty tomb, in which Christ was originally placed, she searched for Him in the garden with being worried. Christ appeared in front of Mary, which made her astonished and joyful. The resurrection of Christ lit our hope in darkness. Thus, I interpret this narrative through the use of the pedal point and Mixolydian as the modal center of the music. Verse 1: I come to the garden alone, While the dew is still on the roses; And the voice I hear, falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses. Refrain: And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known. Verse 2: He speaks, and the sound of His voice Is so sweet the birds hush their singing; And the melody that He gave to me Within my heart is ringing. [Refrain] Verse 3: I'd stay in the garden with Him Tho' the night around me be falling; But He bids me go; thro' the voice of woe, His voice to me is calling. [Refrain] 1)獨步徘徊在花園裡,玫瑰花尚有晶瑩朝露, 忽有溫柔聲,傳入我耳中,乃是神子主耶穌。 副歌: 祂與我同行又與我共話,對我說我單屬於祂; 與主在園中心靈真快樂,前無人曾經歷過。 2)我主慈聲何等甜蜜,小雀烏停歌屏息傾聽, 主使我聽見,天上美妙音,叫我心快樂甦醒。[副歌] 3)天色將暗夜幕漸垂,我甚願與主留在園中, 但主命我去,懇切呼召我,要我心向祂順從。[副歌] 6.愛之頌讚 Cantique D’Amour 愛,到底是什麼? 愛是痛苦和喜樂結合的瞬間產生的美妙之物。愛是來自天主如和煦陽光般的溫暖看顧。愛是一個人—甚至是基督—為了我們人的益處犧牲自己。愛是就算受了傷,但勇敢地成全別人。愛是以一顆安詳的心放手,並且接納生活中的不可控因素,包括生老病死。這些充滿愛的人生片段成為了永不腐朽的詩篇,不斷被傳唱的頌讚。 What is love? Love is a beautiful thing that comes from the moment when pain and joy embrace each other. Love is God’s warm care like sunshine. Love is someone—even Christ Himself—is willing to sacrifice for our own good. Love is compromising even being hurt. Love is letting go of things with a peaceful heart, accepting uncontrolled factors in our life such as death. These parts of loving life become an ever-lasting poem, a praise continuously being sung. 7.騷莎尼尼 Salsanini 英文的才華(Talent)一詞,其實源自於聖經新約的「塔冷通。」瑪竇福音中,耶穌用這個比喻來告訴我們如何發掘、欣賞,並發揮天主賜給我們的天賦來為主做見證。 從小到大的音樂旅程中,我一直思考著天賦的意義。隨著年紀逐漸增長,我逐漸領悟到天主賦予我音樂各方面不同的天份,透過音樂帶給人們歡欣。帕格尼尼在小提琴上的天賦也是主恩賜的。他的音樂熱情如火,催促著渡過人生重重考驗後的人們踴躍歡慶。如拉丁騷莎一般使人盡情舞動。喜樂吧! The word “talent” originally came from the Gospel of Matthew. In the scripture, Jesus uses this parable to remind us to discover, appreciate and use our given talents to become a witness of God. For the entire musical journey, I have been thinking about what talent means to me. As I grow older, I realize that God has granted me talents in music in many different aspects, and He sent me to bring people joy through music. Paganini’s talent in his violin playing was also a gift from God. His music is filled with passion like fire, encouraging people to celebrate joyfully after many trials. Let us rejoice and dance with the groove of Salsa! 看更多


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