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    真善美 專輯封面

    歌名No Matter 歌手名 范瑋琪

    作詞 K.Toom、M.Karmas
    作曲 K.Toom、M.Karmas


    專輯:真善美 歌曲:No Matter 作詞:K.Toom、M.Karmas 作曲:K.Toom、M.Karmas A smile upon your face And feathers dance in grace Your thousand kisses This is our time and space Forever has no pace What if this is A moment and a place For lovers in a haste? See what bliss is If this is all we have Tomorrow we must go You should know I don't care at all wherever you want to go I'll feel at home No matter through the rise or fall Through every bend Until the end Cause darling, I don't care at all Whatever life has in store I'll ask no more No matter how tomorrow calls Time made a vow Forever now Fire-flies in the air The fever drawing near Before the love strikes Someone has lit the stars And shadows mold the scars In the moonlight But only here we are Unbroken driven far From the first time If this is all we have Tomorrow we must go When we awake to the morning and break The moment, then repent And then confused, feeling, something』s been bruised We must go, but you'll know


    專輯名 真善美
    歌手名 范瑋琪
    發行日 2003-05-28