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    Life Thru A Lens 專輯封面

    歌名Killing Me 歌手名 Robbie Williams



    專輯:浮華生活 (Life Thru A Lens) 歌曲:Killing Me I don't mind the abuse It fills in time When I'm not much use But it's killing me killing me slowly They all say I'm too restless But words cut deep When you're defenceless And they're killing me but killing me slowly There was a time when we were fine And I could tolerate you I do believe that you should leave 'Cos I've grown to hate you Should I be weak and turn my cheek 'Cos I'm scared to fall But I just don't know you And you don't know me at all I've been told that love's a celebration But I've lost faith through frustration And it's killing me but killing me slowly You paint my picture black The joke's on me And I don't wanna laugh Remember the good times Won't you bring them back someday somehow I don't mind feeling blue If I could smile just like you do And it's killing me killing me slowly I can't go on alone Pretending nothing's wrong Maybe I just want to belong Somewhere somehow somehow Oh oh oh...


    專輯名 Life Thru A Lens
    歌手名 Robbie Williams
    發行日 2013-01-01