Lay Low

Lay Low

Snoop Dogg



I Wanna Fuck You

I Wanna Fuck You

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment



beep (dr dre) ay ay snoop whattup this your nigga dre ay man i was thinkin i ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin album so check it out put this on there all you motherfuckin haters out there can suck my motherfuckin dick and we still smokin what (chorus nate dogg) for the nigga who be talkin loud and holdin his dick talkin shit he better lay low for the bitch that said i shot some shit up out of my dick now she sick she better lay low for the niggaz who be claimin my hood and really ain't from my gang better lay low i hope he don't be thinkin i'm just talkin and i won't do a thing really hope so (snoop dogg) hmm lay low nobody move until i say so limo tint rollin deep like the president see i don't go to clubs i never chase a bitch beitch i'm here to bang that gangsta shit to the apocalypse we call it stress some of y'all call it chocolate return of the top dogg and ain't no stoppin this whatever the case i ain't tryin to catch it lay low blow big dope and slang records unseen but well heard do not disturb the only reason you alive cause i ain't sent the word i flip faster than birds snoop dogg will emerge from the smoke and go loc you shouldn't provoke i bring the worst from the l b c smash motherfuckers thinkin they gon' smash on me snoop and dre give a fuck about what y'all say from the world's most dangerous group n w a ay ay butch cassidy our rise it was no surprise i always knew these fools would trip hatin fakin schemin on mine and on the down low talkin shit best move cause i refuse to lose no matter which damn road i choose so lay low cause you might be bruised top story on the evening news i ain't for games so if you wanna play 'em lay low lay down on the floor i'm in a rage so if we gotta do this let me know that's what i came fo' goldie loc eastsidaz where that nigga who be talkin shit he don't come around no more because i fucked his bitch i made her suck my dick while i was squeezin the tits then i hit it from the back gripped tight on them hips she tried to make me cum but i was tryin to take her home dropped you off and seen you fishin on your raggedy brougham coulda thumped you and the dog you little fag and don't sag too hard you show everybody your thong tray deee eastsidaz booyaka booyaka we bring it straight to ya from 22's to luger's the shit that shoot through ya who you motherfuckers think the top dogg bang with the same click he came with and made the game flip now niggaz grow they hair hope they stayin act hard that's even tho' yo' ceo talk shit get slapped hard the backyard is where we get our scrap on the black car drive by then you get capped on master p whassup pimpin it's p and snoop with dre on the beat this ain't nuttin but loot they call me jackhammer for all the bread i got but they call me bill clinton for all the head i got i keeps it real ah cause i'm all about my scrilla the ladies love me cause i'm a million dolla hitta it's no limit til i d i e c p 3 or richmond cali's where i be
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