The One And Only

The One And Only

Snoop Dogg



I Wanna Fuck You

I Wanna Fuck You

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment



Aw yeah, coming to you live and direct from the LBC We have the one and only, Snoop D-O double G Yeah, yeah, drop it It's the one and only D-O double G Big Snoop Dogg, it's the one and only The one and only, D-O double-double-double G Big Snoop Dogg You in the presence of a motherfucking rap star I push up laid back in a black car Though I bossed up, it ain't hard to tell that I came up hard as hell, check it out I stayed sharp and played my part All I had was a mic, a dream and some heart Me and my moms wasn't getting along at this time And since pops was gone, I'm out grinding Catch a nigga praying, swearing I ain't going back to jail Judge about tired of a playa, I don't know about this bidness shit But I'm good with this rapping, can I get a witness what's happening That's about the time I put down the rocks And got to working in the studio around the clock For a small profit, but a whole lot of game Man I'm famous, now it ain't the same It's the one and only D-O double G Do you want some of this Top Dogg bite em all, yeah I'm burning it up Aw naw, Big Snoop Dogg You tuned in to the number one Buck one, buck two, buck three, buck four So get real fool, fool Local boy made good over night shit Not only am I getting righteous but wise see I paid the price, with consecutive platinum hits I up my status, aint no more Calvin Broadus World on my shoulder, but I can handle it Now that I'm older, I'm sharper and colder Can you remember when I slid in Deep Cover And made niggas in the Beach love eachother A street hustler, but I'm all set for the come up Best kept secret so I'm want up I've been acquitted up for 1-8-7 Yes I'm blessed thank God in Heaven Now all I need is a push in the right direction Weed and a mic now I'm writing checks And now the game ain't stopping And can't nobody say my name ain't popping Started off young as a little-bitty buck Now I'm ready for the world, and I got to give it up You in the presence of a motherfucking millionaire Stop, look, listen, feel, yeah I ain't tripping on shit I worked hard as a motherfucker Fuck Cuzz, and him too cause all y'all suckas Now with the savvy of a business man I gave, new niggas a chance, to see what they was saying And kept a spot on hot, West Coast on lock Big Dizzel knocking down your block Never looking back uh uh, a steady process And leaving that way, cause see I'm blessed It's like I'm happy now, cause I'm a family man I fell in love with my kids and my wife again And these here are the files of a classic It's my throne till I choose to pass it Worldwide and the sun shine so bright That's why I wear my yellow C's at night nigga
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