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    Flesh And Bone (Intl. World Territory) 血肉之軀 專輯封面

    歌名Whats The Story 歌手名 Richard Marx

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    No needles, no rehab No minors, no murder rap Where's that leave a guy like me Windy city square If all that sells is tragedy I haven't got a prayer Should I try to lose it all, kick it off the track Just to say I took the fall but "look who's comin' back" What's the story, where's the dirt Nobody's happy 'til somebody gets hurt I don't want to keep up with all that The garbage that you swallow gonna someday make you fat Normal childhood, beautiful wife 'Scuse me having a wonderful life Why should I be hungry for someone else's pain Heroes should have something but talent for fame Double barrel in the mouth nails it everytime But that's what legend's all about Ain't no bigger headline Maybe I should frequent all the places I'm avoiding And maybe you should work on building rather than destroying If this is making friends, I'd rather be lonely So where's that leave a guy like me Windy city squart I may never make page three but ask me if I care