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    Remixed 專輯封面

    歌名You Want This (E-Smooves House Anthem) 歌手名 Janet Jackson

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    My girls, goin 'round talking' They say that you've been, watchin' me boy I know by the way you're talking That you're really tryin' to get to me boy Not anyone i'll just let in my heart You have to be hungry for me, girls may have been easy But you you have to please me, what makes you think That I can say this to you, I know how bad you want this 1-If you want my future then, you better work it boy No it won't come easy, I know you want this By the time I'm through with you You'll be begging me for more I know, your whole story Because you're fine and, and you know it You think that you can have me Just listen closely, no it ain't so easy Every word you said I have heard before Girls may have been easy, but you have to please me One thing I've been told, nothing else compares To this loving body, if you want my future then You better work it boy, no it won't come easy I know you want this, by the time i'm through with you You'll be begging me for more, so you want my loving' I know you want this You want this, don't you? you want this, say it You want this, you want this Can you handle this, well, come here then Early in the mornin', late in the evening Just about around midnight 'Cause you know i'll do you right, baby What's my name baby, 'cause you gotta say my name baby Just a little bit louder now Just a little bit softer now, nice and easy


    專輯名 Remixed
    歌手名 Janet Jackson
    發行日 1995-01-01