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    Janet 專輯封面

    歌名Any Time, Any Place 歌手名 Janet Jackson



    In the thundering rain you stare into my eyes I can feel your hand moving up my thighs skirt around my waist wall against my face I can feel your lips I dont wanna stop just because people walkin'by watchin'us I dont give a damn what they think I want you now I dont wanna stop just because you feel so good inside of my love I'm not gonna stop no no no I want you all I wanna say is Anytime,anyplace I don't care who's around anytime,and any place I don't care who's around Dancing on the floor feelin' the slow groove my mind is starting to burn with forbidden thoughts strangers all around with the lights down low I was thinking maybe we could...well you know


    專輯名 Janet
    歌手名 Janet Jackson
    發行日 1993-01-01