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    Breakaway 專輯封面

    歌名Walk Away 歌手名 Kelly Clarkson



    You’ve got your mother and your brother Every other undercover telling you what to say You think I’m stupid but the truth is that it’s cupid baby loving you has made me this way So before you point your finger Get your hand off of my trigger You need to know the situations getting old And now the more you talk the less I can take I’m looking for attention Not another question Should you stay or should you go Well if you don’t have the answer Why you still standing here Hey, hey, hey, hey Just walk away I waited here for you like a kid waiting after school So tell me, how come you never showed I gave you everything and never asked for anything And look at me, I’m all alone So before you start defending Stop all your pretending I know you know I know so what’s the point of being slow Let’s get this show on the road today I want a love I want a fire To feel the burn, my desires I want a man by my side Not a boy who runs and hides Are you gonna fight for me, die for me Live and breathe for me Do you care for me Cause if you don’t then just leave


    專輯名 Breakaway
    歌手名 Kelly Clarkson
    發行日 2005-02-18