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    Singles 1965-1967 專輯封面

    歌名The Lantern 歌手名 The Rolling Stones

    作曲 Mick Jagger、Keith Richards


    We, on our present life, Knew that the stars were right. That if you are the first to go, You'll leave a sign to let me know, Tell me so. Please, carry the Lantern lights. You crossed the sea of night, Free from the spell of fright Your cloak it is a spirit shroud. You'll wake me in my sleeping hours, Like a cloud. So, please, carry the Lantern high. Me, in my sorry plight, You waiting ev'ry night. My face it turns a deathly pale, You're talking to me, through your veil, I hear you wail. So, please carry the Lantern light. The servants sleep, The door's are barred. You hear the stopping of my heart-we never part. So, please carry the Lantern high.