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    Thank You 專輯封面

    歌名Drive By 歌手名 Duran Duran

    作曲 Duran Duran


    作曲:Duran Duran It was the hottest day in July And all along Santa Monica Blvd cars were stood still And a gleaming metal tube Would stretch all the way from Highland Back to La Brea. And she met under Los Angeles sunshine Young man was sitting at the wheel On his way to make a pickup Turned off the air-con Rolled down the window And began to sweat Out over the Hollywood hills He saw the clouds building Like great dark towers of rain Ready to come tumbling down Any day now Not a day too soon (any day now) And as the music drifted in From other cars His eyes started to slip This is the story of his dream Silver... (Sing Blue Silver, Sing Sing Blue Silver) This is the story of his dream...


    專輯名 Thank You
    歌手名 Duran Duran
    發行日 2003-03-03