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    歌名It Takes You No Time To Get Here 歌手名 Roxette


    Why don't you take the rest of the day off You do deserve a break Follow that road, it ain't long Just cross that silver lake Yea, pass the pond, the off-white fence When you see the mailbox to the left you've made it all right, No way to go wrong All you do is blow that horn It takes you no time to get here Just drive out of town today It takes you no time to get here and when You've arrived you might as well stay You might as well stay Why don't you leave your desk for a short while You do deserve some time Enjoying the other side of life you forgot to memorize Stay in the sun, reach for the moon Make a little love in the afternoon You're doing all right, no way you go wrong This is the place where you belong It takes you no time No time to get here