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    Pearls Of Passion 珍珠熱情 專輯封面

    歌名Goodbye To You 歌手名 Roxette


    Goodbye to you, Goodbye to broken hearts, Goodbye to romance, Hiding in the dark, Nights that leave a scar. Goodbye to you, Goodbye to empty cards, Goodbye to this ball of bliss, I'm dancing from your arms. And I fill the bedroom With silent visions of rain. And I paint the morning With echoes from pleasure in pain. I don't want to touch emotions, I just got to run away. Electric blue like oceans, Wild like lovers sway. Goodbye to you... And I seal the pillow And shatter dreams down the hall. And I hang the heartache Like pictures on the wall. Can you hear the sound of angels They're playing hurting games? Well, I'm a stranger when I'm leaving, I was a stranger when I came. Goodbye to you...