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    Pearls Of Passion 珍珠熱情 專輯封面

    歌名Call Of The Wild 歌手名 Roxette


    I know her, And every notion I get from her I wear inside me. I know her, All of the broken leaves of love She leaves behind. Oh - don't you hide away from the rain. Oh - can you tell me the name of this game? I got to get thru to you. Behind the door, Another wall, A lonely cry a call of the wild. A dancing daze, An empty face, A crystal high a call of the wild. And there is something that sweeps the dark, A lover's dart, The call of a broken heart. Wrapped in the night, Behind these eyes, Oh hear the cry, A call of the wild. I know her And in my mind I dream of her, How she aches without me. I know her And every heart is a lonely hunter When she walks by. Oh - can you read the hurt in my eyes? Oh - don't you leave without saying goodbye. I got to get thru to you. Behind the door, Another wall...