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    Pearls Of Passion 珍珠熱情 專輯封面

    歌名Pearls Of Passion 歌手名 Roxette


    There was a banquet of believers when we walked into the room. December days of X-mas felt like days in June. And there were morning light and sunrise chimes ecoed all around. Now's the time for weary minds, the moon is northern bound. And you know I'm going back, going back today. Back to where I came from. And you know I'm going back, going back to stay. To the alleys where pearls of passion came my way. There's a promise in the twilight, it's so innocent and wild. Two hearts that break the silence, you can hear a distant cry. And there's emptiness and loneliness, it's more or less the same. Let's run between the raindrops, babe and catch the midnight train.