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    Pink Friday 專輯封面

    歌名I’m The Best 歌手名 Nicki Minaj



    it was back in '07 did a couple of tapes did a couple DVD's made a couple mistakes didn't know what i was doing, but i put on a cape now it's which world tour should i go on and take see you told me i would lose but i won i might cop a million Jimmy Choo's just for fun cause bitches couldn't take what was in me Australia, Sydney might run up in Disney, out in L.A. with Lindsey got the eye of the tiger, the lion of Judah now it's me in my time, it's just me in my prime everything I'm tried to teach em, they gone see it in time tell them bitches get a stick, I'm done leadin' the blind got two shows tonight, that's Brooklyn and Dallas then a private party at the Buckingham palace which means i gotta fly like a movie no commercial that's Young Money, Cash Money ya I'm universal I hear they comin' for me because the top is lonely what the fuck they gon' say what the fuck they gon' say I'm the best bitch doin' it, doin' it I'm the best bitch doin' it, doin' it I'm the best, best, best, best I'm the best, best, best, best I'm the best I remember when i couldn't buy my mother a couch now i'm sittin' at the closin' bought my mother a house you could never understand why i grind like i do Mikiyah and Gulani while i grind like i do c-c-c-cause even when my daddy was on crack, i was crack now the whole album back you ain't gotta skip a track i ain't gotta get a plaque, I ain't gotta get awards i just walk up out the door all the girls will applaud all the girls will commend, as long as they understand that i'm fighting for the girls, that never thought they could win cause before they could begin you told'em it was the end but I am here to reverse the curse that they live in got two bones to pick, I 'ma only choose one you might get addressed on the second album once which means you can breath, til I motherfuckin say so to all my bad bitches, i can see your halo ah, it's ok it's ok, long as you know long as you know long as you motherfuckers know I'm the best, best, best, best I heard They coming for me Cause the top is lonely What they gone say Haha What they gone say I'm The Best I'm The Best


    專輯名 Pink Friday
    歌手名 Nicki Minaj
    發行日 2010-01-01