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    Hotshot Ultramix 專輯封面

    歌名Special Request(Rough Cut Demo) 歌手名 Shaggy



    What you want is some boombastic romantic fantastic lover Shaggy Mr.Lover lover, Mr. Lover lover, girl Mr. Lover lover She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic touch me in the back she say I'm Mr. Ro... mantic She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me me back she say I'm ro... .Smooth just like silk Soft and coddie hug me up like a quilt I'm a lyrical lover no fake me for no filth With my sexual physique Jah know me well built oh me oh my well well can't you tell I'm just like a turtle crawling out of my shell Gal you capivate my body put me under a spell With your cus cus perfume love your sweet smell You are the only young girl that can ring my bell And I can't take rejection so you tell me go to hell I'm Mr. Boombastic say me fantstic touch me in my back she days I'm Mr. Ro... mantic I'm Mr. Boombastic say me fantstic touch me in my back she says I'm boom boom Gee wheeze baby please Let me take you to an island of the sweet cool breeze You don't feel like drive baby hand me the keys And I'll take you to a place to set your mind of ease Don't you tickle my foot bottom ha ha baby please Don't you play with my nose I might Ha chum sneeze Well you a the bun and me the cheese And if me the rice well you the peas Chorus Give me your loving gal your loving well good I want your loving gal give it like you should Give your loving gal you loving well good I want your loving gal you remember the woo... Would like to kiss and carress Rub down every strand of hair on my chest I'm boombastic rated as the best The best you should get nothing more nothing less Give me your digits jot down your address I'll bet you confess when your put me to the test That I'm Chorus Gal your admiration it a lick me from the start With your physical attraction gal you know to feel the spark A Man of few word now go tell you no sweet talk Naw go laba laba and a chat pur phart I'll get straight to the point like a arrow or a dart come lay down in my jacuzzi and get some buble bath only sound you will here is the beating of my heart And we will mmm mmm (kiss) and have some sweet pillow talk I'm Chorus


    專輯名 Hotshot Ultramix
    歌手名 Shaggy
    發行日 2009-07-14