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    Brothers 專輯封面

    歌名Howlin’ For You 歌手名 The Black Keys

    作曲 Dan Auerbach、Patrick Carney


    作曲:Dan Auerbach、Patrick Carney Alright Yeah Well now I must admit I cant explain Any of these thoughts Racing through my brain Its true Baby Im howlin for you Alright There's something wrong With this plot The actors here Have not got A clue Baby Im howlin for you Da da da da Mocking Bird Can't you see? Little girls Gotta hold on me Like glue Baby Im howlin for you Yeah Throw the ball To the stick Swing and miss And catchers mitt Strike Two Baby Im howlin for you Yeah Yeah Da da da da


    專輯名 Brothers
    歌手名 The Black Keys
    發行日 2010-05-18