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    The Fox 專輯封面

    歌名Nobody Wins 歌手名 Elton John



    They must have loved each other once But that was many years ago And by the time I came along Things were already going wrong I felt the pain in their pretence The side they tried hard not to show But through the simple eyes of youth It wasn't hard to see the truth And in the end nobody wins When love begins to fall apart And it's the innocent who pay When broken dreams get in the way The game begins, the game nobody wins They must have loved each other once Before the magic slipped away And as their life became a lie What love remained began to die I used to hide beneath the sheets I prayed that time would find a way But with the passing of the years I watched as laughter turned to tears We used to love each other once With all the passion we possessed But people change as time goes by Some feelings grow while others die But if we learn from what we see And face the truth while we still can Then though the passion may be gone Some kind of love can still live on


    專輯名 The Fox
    歌手名 Elton John
    發行日 1981-01-01