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    The Fox 專輯封面

    歌名Elton's Song 歌手名 Elton John



    Staring all alone And your grace and style Cut me to the bone With your razor blade smile I watched you playing pool It's all around the school that I love you I love your gypsy hair And dark brown eyes Always unprepared For your pointed replies Cynical and lean I lie awake and dream about you If you only knew What I'm going through Time and again I get ashamed To say your name It's hard to grin and bear When you're standing there My lips are dry I catch your eye and look away Sitting in my room I've got it bad Crying for the moon They think I'm mad They say it isn't real But I know what I feel and I love you But I would give my life For a single night beside you


    專輯名 The Fox
    歌手名 Elton John
    發行日 1981-01-01