Forever(Live Somewhere Summer /81)

Forever(Live Somewhere Summer /81)

The Cure

作曲 Simon Gallup、Robert Smith、Laurence Tolhurst



作曲:Simon Gallup、Robert Smith、Laurence Tolhurst Two years away so Down in the same soul I've had nothing but blackness Penning inside your head Making you're always going to be dead No one's going to have fun Yellow what I say Afraid of your eyes you used to doubt Just a picture, picture, picture Then you come and whisper, saying "Who's going to be next to you tomorrow? Tomorrow?" Feel just one day within your hand You make me better You make me better today Try to say to your debt Open up and try that again Pull out everything was ??? today Eventually is so exciting But it's me who's saying Who's going to caterpillar And hey, ??? dance And hey, take inside Worried about the same thing Good imitation Watching the chair with the spider's going on The music's so loud I could scream And everyone says She's such a fine body Can you see her eyes, she knows she's real Could you see my eyes from the right place Make me safe from the ??? real Make me safe from your kind of face Taking it sideways from This is so many hours So many days So many years This is time It's just this time And you can believe anything This is just repeating Can't even sing Not all the other men Can't even sing I could see you burst away You just want to ??? (Thank you, good night)



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