Hoes In My Room

Hoes In My Room






Chicken - N - Beer 小妞與啤酒



Hey! Thank all yall for comin' out tonight It was a beautiful night tonight and The Shizznit Where pimpin' and dead, these hoes just scared Thanks Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, all the players from the LBC It was a beautiful night tonight Oh, look at these fools, Ay! Security! Come get these niggaz! Fresh off the streets, just finished a show in Long Beach Ready to relax, kick up my feet Maybe smoke a blunt or two, that's what I wanna do Broke out and called up the homeboy Snoop (What happenin' nephew?) Oh, nothin' just called, lookin' for some women that can fondle my balls (Well you hit the right dogg, I can help you with that Gimme 15 minutes, and I'll hit you rite back) Off to the hotel, I was ready indeed Slapped the button in the 'llac to control the speed Put one up in the air, the cops just stared Waved my hands out the roof like I just ain't care Got to the tele and I slid thru the do' On to the elevator, hit the penthouse flo' And what would happen next only time could tell Cuz I got up to my room, and I was mad as hell (Aaah! Damn!) Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes) Who let these hoes in my room? (Did you let 'em in?) Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes) Who let these hoes in my room? Now it was five B.A.P hoes and they look like trash But one was midget, so we'll just say four and a half I was stuck speechless, couldn't believe my eyes What'd I do to deserve this unpleasant surprise? And I was thinkin' to myself, "This is just my luck" Then my nigga bust in like "What the fuck!?" (Oh shit it's Snoop!) Who in the hell let them booger bears out they cell (Not me) And what they doin' in ya' room? Nigga make 'em bail (Yeah) Got some fine bitches, dime bitches on they way (Okay) And told security, "Let 'em in, with no delay" (Ha Ha!) So when they get here, they'll probably be like half naked Don't mean to trip out, but bitch yall got to dip out (Dip Out!) Catch the elevator on more floor Presidential with the slidin' key for the door (Oh No!) What the fuck goin' on? Shit, all around the world Luda, then its the same song Them bitches was so ugly, I told 'em to go home Who let these hoes in my room? (Man who let these hoes in my room?) Who let these hoes in my room? (Oh no!) (Did you let 'em in?) Who let these hoes in my room? (Well who let 'em in then?) Who let these hoes in my room? (Get out!) Now, these chicks wouldn't leave, they was ready to clown One was 5'6 and weighed three hundred pounds (No she didn't come thru with a thong on She did for the hell of it, big fat whale of it) You can't seperate me, Ima seperate you Bitch ya' pussy smell like Pepe Le Pew (You filthy, nasty, sick in the head Sittin' in my dressin room with dick on ya' bread) She said "I want you to climb in this underwear, silly" But I was turned off by her tupper-ware titties (Fake bitches, break bitches, make bitches Kick rocks, when they fucked up in they face Tick-tock, you gots to get up out my space Hey Ludacris let's get the fuck up out this place, let's bounce) Then it got to my head, and somethin' reminded me I know who let 'em in, it was Bill O'Reilly (Faggot) (Ya' white bread, chicken-shit nigga!) Who let these hoes in my room? (Who let these hoes in my room?) Who let these hoes in my room? (Did you let 'em in?) Who let these hoes in my room? (I need to know, who let these hoes in?) Who let these hoes in my room? Ay, ay yall gotta go Yall gotta get the fuck up outta here, ugly ass bitches I dont understand how these bitches always get in my dressin' room You know what I'm sayin'? Soon as I get off stage, it's 7 or 8 ugly ass bitches posyed up in my dressin room And security act like they dont know who did it I know you feel what I'm sayin', I'm my nigga around the whole world We need to form a society or somethin' Fat, gorilla, monkey mouth bitches cant get in our mothafuckin' dressin room or backstage And if they do, we kindly put our foot up their asses And re-direct them bitches to security dressin' room, you dig? Sick of these ugly ass bitches bein' my dressin' room
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