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    Devils Night 專輯封面

    歌名Another Public Service Announcement 歌手名 D-12


    OK... This is ANOTHER public service announcement brought to you in part (punch sound) AARGH! Rondell Beene: Shut up punk! Yo... This thing on? Good, good hell yeah. Look I'm speaking on be half of D12 and if you get offended by words like bitch, ho, sissy, faggot, homo, lesbian, fudge packer, clit eater all that shit like that, then you should turn this shit off right now, because thats is some of the shit... no, thats the only shit you gonna here right now on this album. It's not like they don't have creativity or some shit like that, that ain't the case. We just like saying shit like that just to fuck with you. Ey, i told you to hold him down know he running, but... fuck it! (gunshot) God damnit it if you had of just stayed still that won't happened to you. It just goes to show when you fuck around with us, shit can happen. Bitch!


    專輯名 Devils Night
    歌手名 D-12
    發行日 2001-01-01