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    Devils Night 專輯封面

    歌名Instigator 歌手名 D-12

    作曲 Von Carlisle、DeShaun Dupree Holton、Marshall Mathers、Ondre Moore、Denaun Porter、Jeff Bass、Rufus Johnson


    "I'm an instigator" - nigga can't you see? "I'm an instigator" - ain't nobody worse than me "I'm an instigator" - I'll be the first to beef first to squeeze, take heed to the words I speak "I'm an instigator" - nigga can't you see? "I'm an instigator" - ain't nobody worse than me "I'm an instigator" - I'll be the first to beef first to squeeze, 'til it hurts to breathe, fuck with me I love gettin shit started I instigate a peace talk into a beef talk until police need chalk to chalk you up, have bitches walkin up Smackin you in your face, screamin that you talk too much Tell women you said you fucked 'em Tell the hardest nigga you said you snuck him Ran his pockets and stuck him 'Til they gather in front of your crib, guns and long clips Laughin when they shoot at you over the wrong shit I lock down your block with lies that's so believable you'll run and grab your shotguns, glocks and nines (whattup) Walkin blind, excite fights until they erupt (do it!) Instigate my own death cause killin you ain't enough I don't give a fuck if we beefin or not, I'll squeeze first I'ma heat up yo' spot, I'm a nigga that breathe dirt On these streets every day, snatchin niggaz yea How you bitches needin work, you can get it from McVay I'm dispiteful, I tie a hoe a maniacal foul animal liable to leave you strapped with yo' bible (fo' real) I'm psycho, my bullets won't fly by you You wanna kill me? {*explosion*} You got the right to Ain't gotta wait 'til night to snipe if I don't like you You gettin hit in broad daylight with a white rifle In front of yo' window I'm lookin right through I love when I see a nigga get stuck.. "I'm an instigator" - drama tends to follow me I know, I probably owe all of my friends apologies Lie to every bitch just to get her to swallow me Get a lobotomy nigga this one's to my arteries Guns are a part of me I pack more than pottery I oughta be jailed for depicted mockery Egg on fights to plot on the niggaz that shot at me I don't twist the truth I just make it gothic see I'm nothin but a liar with a big-ass mouth Dick and fists big enough to knock your bitch-ass out Got no reason to tell you the truth But to be honest with you I rap with him but I don't like Proof Nigga fuck you, me and Swift got plans to jump you Type of nigga to shake your hand and stomp you "I'm an instigator" - convince a tenth grader to run up inside his classroom and leave the kids.. Bitch wait up, this is the season for squeezin off triggers on niggaz for no reason Either jump or quit runnin your mouth Pull a gun out, but I use it 'til the bullets run out I throw a brick at your crib, have you standin on the porch screamin, "Look what you did!" I ain't feelin no remorse Nigga just pick up the kids, and Swift got first dibs with these cherry hot slugs that'll barbecue your ribs I'm preparin deathbeds, quick to bust lead while I'm starin at the Feds, tearin off they legs Once you drop dead they'll be swearin it's a plague I'm sicker than a coke rastafarian with dreads You get shanked if you move, ditched with no clues Don't put shit on yo' tape but yo' skits and interludes And once I finish you they wouldn't put it in the news I'm nuts so you hoes ain't got the GUTS to end the feud


    專輯名 Devils Night
    歌手名 D-12
    發行日 2001-01-01