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    Devils Night 專輯封面

    歌名Bizzare (Skit) 歌手名 D-12


    Man did you see that hoe with them big tities? Yo nigga what's goin on fool? Whatup my nigga? Nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here SinD right here SinD this is Bizarre I was tellin you about That's my nigga Yo look I'm bout to run in the store and get some forties and a coupla blunts Man you why dont you go to the store with me All right All right bet, I'll be back in a little bit nigga Aight my nigga (Music start playin in the background "Bizarre's gonna rape ya") So how long you been on Eminem Eminem? Shit I don't know Eminem, I'm just in town for this little jazz festival and shit You know, something on the side Yo can I get you some sparkling water and shit? You want some water? No, no, no thanks How about some pig feet Naw, I'm straight, I'm ready to smoke Damn, what's takin the Kuniva So long? *Bizarre farts* No the f**k you didn't! Girl chill out that shit came from my soul F**k that shit you better out dead youknowwhatimsayin And I want you to give me a little kiss though *Bizarre farts again* A kiss? Kiss you where? All right I'm a tell you, I'm a tell you, I'ma tell you in your ear (Music stops) On my booty


    專輯名 Devils Night
    歌手名 D-12
    發行日 2001-01-01