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    Elton John 專輯封面

    歌名No Shoe Strings On Louise 歌手名 Elton John

    作曲 Elton John、Bernie Taupin


    Lady love rides a big red Cadillac Buys the hoedown show salt and beans Goes to church to pray for Lucifer She milked the male population clean So ride in line shake yourself by the hand Live your life inside a paper can But you'll never get to pick and choose She's bought you and sold you There ain't no shoestrings on Louise Come on down come on down from the ladder Henry get your head get your head out of them clouds What she wants is to go kissing on a swine herd You might as well kiss the boss man's cow All those city women want to make us poor men And this land's got the worse for the worrying I got married at the early age of fourteen And I've been worrying about the way you'll be loving them


    專輯名 Elton John
    歌手名 Elton John
    發行日 1995-01-01