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    Empty Sky 專輯封面

    歌名Lady What's Tomorrow 歌手名 Elton John

    作曲 Elton John、Bernie Taupin


    Look up little brother Can you see the clover No not over there A little bit left and over there Now look and see the lilac tree The lily pond, the skylark's song The open air but no one cares If branches live and die out there Remember when you were nine And I was ten We would run into the woods No we never will again And Lady, what's tomorrow What's tomorrow anyway If it's not the same as now It's the same as yesterday Yes Lady, what's tomorrow Will it be the same as now Will the farmer push the pen Will the writer pull the plough Look up little brother Can you see the clover Oh sorry but it's over Now there's concrete and no clover


    專輯名 Empty Sky
    歌手名 Elton John
    發行日 1969-01-01