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    Blue Moves 專輯封面

    歌名If There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?) 歌手名 Elton John

    作曲 Elton John、Davey Johnstone、Bernie Taupin


    Torn from their families Mothers go hungry To feed their children But children go hungry There's so many big men They're out making millions When poverty's profits Just blame the children If there's a God in heaven What's he waiting for If He can't hear the children Then he must see the war But it seems to me That he leads his lambs To the slaughter house And not the promised land Dying for causes They don't understand We've been taking their futures Right out of their hands They need the handouts To hold back the tears There's so many crying But so few that hear If there's a God in heaven Well, what's he waiting for If there's a God in heaven What's he waiting for


    專輯名 Blue Moves
    歌手名 Elton John
    發行日 1976-01-01