H. Seriki、N. Reddick、N. Sherwood、D. Carter

(Hello?) Hello wassup, who dis (Who dis?) Wad' do ya mean who dis? That's you spanky (No, there's no Spanky here) (This is, uh, Fo Foo Yung uh...) Man stop playing me I know voice man I know that you Spanky It's Chamillionaire boy (Ah Wassup! (I see you rollin'!) (Wassup dog, wassup) (We cool my dude) (Look, look) (I didn't mean to call you this time but I was gonna call you) (On my mama) (I just my sayin' to momma and my grandma that I was gonna call you) You be lyin' man I called you for the past couple of weeks And you ain't picked up the phone not one time You ain't called me back. You dodging me Homie. What's up with that money you owe me? (Aww man) (Listen, hey listen Bro) (Ya know I'ma keep it real 100% real wit ya my dude) (I dropped my phone then I lost a piece of it) (Then and then I found it.) (It was in) (...Ya know what I... I found my phone today) (And I told her I was gonna call you) (And plus was at my baby mama's house) (She be breakin' me dog) (Ya know) Yeah whatch' you need to do is you need to break me off that money you owe me mayne I'm tired of playing games with you man You call me beggin' me crying all on the phone Talkin' bout you wanna borrow some money And dis the thanks I get? (Mayne...) (Imma pay you yo' money mayne) (Stop sweating me mayne) (I'm sweating mayne) (Get me s towel That's how you sweat me so hard) (Get a towel with some Gatorade) (I need some or something mayne) (Get off me mayne) (Imma pay yo yo money) (You a millionaire anyway) (You don't even need it!) (What is you sweat me for) (I got fifteen dollars mayne) (You got... got a billion dollars) That's the principal mayne (And you sweat me for fifteen) (Come and collect my fifteen dollars) (So you gonna have a billion and fifteen dollars) That's impossibe Spanky You act like you doing me a favor By paying me back MY money mayne (Girl shut yo mouth) Mayne who was dat (I ain't gonna let nobody stop me imma mayne imma mayne) (Alright then. Alright then.) (Imma pay this sucka whenever I feel like it) Spanky who you calling sucka? (Shut yo mouth) (I said...) Mayne I'm tired of you playing these games dogg (I said I'm gonna pay you back whenever I feel like it) (My man) (You hear me?) Mayne I'm overseas right now mayne Soon as I get off this plane (Don't be buggin' me mayne) (You bug me one more time) (Keep buggin' me and I ain't gonna pay you nothing) (Zero, Zip, NaTa) (I don't know no more languages) (But you know anymore languages) (Say Zero and that's what you get) (Stop callin' me mayne) (Imma protect yo momma) What? (Imma go to church with her or somethin')
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