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    American Gangster 專輯封面

    歌名Success 歌手名 JAY-Z

    作詞 Array
    作曲 S. Carter E. Wilson N. Jones L. Ellis


    專輯:美國黑幫啟示錄 (American Gangster) 歌曲:Success 作曲:S. Carter、E. Wilson、N. Jones、L. Ellis I got these niggas breezy don't worry about it Let that bitch breathe I used to give a fuck now I give a fuck less What do I think of success It sucks too much to stress I guess I blew up quick cause friends I grew up with See me as a primi but I'm not and my nut's big I don't know what the fuss is My career is illustrious My rep is impeccable I'm not to be fucked with with shit Let that bitch breathe I'm way too important to be talking extorting Asking me for a portion is like asking me for a coffin Broad daylight I off ya on switch Ya not too bright goodnight long kiss Bye-bye my reply blah-blah Blast burner then pass burner to TyTy Finish my breakfast why I got an appettite for destruction and you're a small fry Now where was I Let that bitch breathe! I used to give a shit now I don't give a shit more Truth be told I had more fun when I was piss poor I'm pissed off is this what success all about A bunch of niggas acting like bitches with big mouths All this stress all I got is this big house Couple cars I don't bring half of them shits out All this ace of spade I drank just to piss out I mean I like the taste could have saved myself six hours How many times can I go to Mr. Chow's Tao's Nobu Hold up let me move my bowels I'll shit on y'all niggas OG tell these boys Y'all ain't got shit on my nigga I got watches I ain't seen in months Apartment at the Trump I only slept in it once Nigga said Hova was over such dummies Even if I fell I land on a bunch of money Y'all ain't got nothing for me Nas let that bitch breathe Success McLaren women starin' My villain appearance Sacred blood of a king In my vein ain't spillin' Ghetto Othello Sugar Hill Romero Camaro driven I climax from paper then ask why is life worth livin' Is it the hunt for the shit that you want To receive is great but I lust giving The best jewelers want to make my things I make Jacob shit on Lorraine just to make me a chain Niggas mention of one love came home to paper in hand Ain't got to brag about the feds young man Old cribs I sold y'all drive by like monuments Google Earth Nas I got flats in other continents Worst enemies want to be my best friends Best friends want to be enemies like that's what's in But I don't give a fuck walk inside the lion's den Take everybody's chips about to cash them in Up your catalogue dog mines worth too much Like Mike Jack's ATV Pub Mottola can't touch Let this bitch breathe Let this bitch breathe


    專輯名 American Gangster
    歌手名 JAY-Z
    發行日 2007-01-01