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    American Gangster 專輯封面

    歌名American Gangster 歌手名 JAY-Z

    作詞 Array
    作曲 S. Carter J. Smith C. Mayfield


    I'm from the 80's, Home of the heroine, Error of the hustlers, uh The world is my custy New rich porter The way I flip quarters Front on all these other rap artists, but me Momma was a mink wearer, Papa ran numbers So it's plain to see, where my whole plan come from American dream, I'm living the life still The way I shine is like a zillion dollar light bill Still I'm grinding, army jacket lining 40 below timbs on, getting my M's on My best friends gone, I seen bad days Still find songs that I hear him on Getting my Mary J. Blige Reminisce on I hear his voice in my mind, like, nigga live on So I get on that fly shit I been on Spin on corners in enzo with rims on But for info, puffin on Endo-Nesia Give me amnesia I ease up, that right, I'm high nigga I want the sky, The world when I'm done I'm give it to my sons Let 'em live it up, split it up, switch it up, Sixes kit it up, man I did it up, done The rest of my belongings belong in the hall of fame, a list of hits next to all my names I came, if the sky should fall And it all goes tomorrow, and they foreclose on the house and auction off all my cars Don't cry for me Argentina, I mobbed the beamer Took trips abroad, got mobbed in Sardina In Ibiza I had pizza in the club Ladies know I'm that guy, they wanna piece of my love Now they wanna ya boy like Mike in his prime Billie Jean the goddamn boy ain't mine And the Roc break up, had the people losing hope Can't lie they had Muhammad Hovi on the ropes Now I'm back in the go mode, back in the go-go's Throwing the diamond up, repping the logo Rose gold rose flow, I'm okay though What Don't kill me makes stronger than before so Here we go and I'm not domino When it all falls down, I'm like Kanye's jaw I might break but I don't fold, till I hold the sky in my hand Yeah that's my goal And then I bid you Freddy Adu Prodigal Child, y'all not ready for the future Then I disappear in the Bermuda Triangle My name will be viewed such Here's to the man that refused to give up I want the sky nigga, Chuuuuuuch


    專輯名 American Gangster
    歌手名 JAY-Z
    發行日 2007-01-01