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    至愛吾愛 專輯封面

    歌名Crying in my sleep 歌手名 周華健

    作詞 Teasdale、Brian(Red)
    作曲 Teasdale、Brian(Red)


    專輯:My Oh My至愛吾愛 歌曲:Crying In My Sleep 作詞:Teasdale、Brian(Red) 作曲:Teasdale、Brian(Red) I took a walk around the yard I dug the flowers till it got too hard Smoked my first pack of cigarettes today Then I, I went down, down to Lucy's old cafe I put a half a case away Took a sleeping pill and I tried to watch TV But you know baby, the leading lady Looked too much like you for the likes of me And I woke up crying in my sleep I was talking to your pillow And I reached out to touch your hand I knocked the phone off the night stand And the operator said, " Can I help you please?" And I said " No thanks baby, tonight there ain't no help for me." You see I just had a bad dream That's all that's wrong with me Went out to loosen up the car Somehow I wound up at the Rainbow Bar I had a scotch and soda on the run But didn't get too far Then I, I ran down, down some friends I used to know I dragged them out to see the show I ran myself a bath and I tried to read your book But you know baby,this time it just didn't seem Worth all the time it look


    專輯名 至愛吾愛
    歌手名 周華健
    發行日 1999-02-01