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    3DCD精選集 (杜德偉) 專輯封面

    歌名真的想你 歌手名 杜德偉

    作詞 小蟲
    作曲 小蟲


    (alex) One two, one two, one and one is two You were meant for me, I was meant for you Tell me that you love me, want me, need me in your life Cause I got love so come and take a dive into my world Share this world with me I hope you're gonna wanna stay right here you see This is the day this is a way so let us sing a song and Make it stay (順子) Please I gotta write a little tune for you To express nothing Less than pure love for you Ya see, I'm the kind of woman that Well, I don't like to keep my feelings inside, Gotta let it outside Let the world know how much I feel for you I even wrote a love song dedicated to you So if ya miss me, really miss me Why don't ya come closer and kiss me, kiss me 才相遇就有點想妳 想看妳不敢告訴妳 別以為是寂寞而已 我知道自己的問題 茶不思飯不吃的道理 妳使我夜夜好憂鬱 一個需要愛的人 一顆發了瘋的心 想為妳譜寫一首歌 歌裡面都是妳的名 請相信我是用了心 自從妳出現在夢裡 生活就變得好美麗 把時間留給妳 想著妳和等著妳 我是真的真的想妳 (這一刻)真的真的想妳 好想為妳淋一場雨 證明我的心 證明我的命 永遠永遠屬於妳 我是真的真的想妳 真的真的想妳 讓我為妳淋一場雨 證明我的心 證明我的命 此情 此愛 永不渝 (alex) Till the break of down, to you I'll sing this song This lovely melody that goes真的真的想你 Day, night, I'll be holding you so tight Together, let our love live forever