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    歌名Bicycle 歌手名 猴子把戲



    Don't wanna fall on my head Don't wanna botch up my chain The air is so thick You know, it's edible First time I felt out of place Took me a while to embrace The whole notion of balance and gravity My chin wasn't up where was I headin'? I'm closin' in on a fire hydrant Disaster's waitin' ain't goin' far I get up, I get up, don't give up I reassemble it all I found out You'll do it if you wanna do it Can't get you out of my head Yeah, you're my ball and my chain I bet it all with my soul and then credit it First time I fell on my face Tried at it day after day I keep tryin' and tryin', ya ya ya ya ya ya I know that it's workin'‘cause it makes me tired Nothin' comes easy efforts multiply A jolt top encourage, baby light my fire I'll take it if you cater Now stop, yeah, wait it's comin' I found out You'll do it if you wanna do it