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    The Hits/The B-Sides 3 經典作品全紀錄 專輯封面

    歌名Peach 歌手名 Prince



    Uh-oh here she comes She got them gold hot pants on again Yeah man I wanna talk, but I dunno She's a peach She was dark, she was tan She made me glad to be a man She was young, she was smart Just one glance and she stole my heart The kinda girl you wanna teach She's a peach Summertime, feelin' fine, getting wild All that's on my mind Here she come, dressed in red Get her done is all that's in my head Her hot pants can't hide her cheeks She's a peach She was pure, every ounce I was sure, when her titties bounce Every way, she's a winner Turn a gay preacher to a sinner No one you want your mama to meet She's a peach This is a girl plays hard to get I would die if I kissed her I would try but I'm last on her list She's so cool and I'm so ugly I'd be a fool to think that she could love me This kinda girl's always out of reach She's a peach