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    The Hits/The B-Sides 3 經典作品全紀錄 專輯封面

    歌名Horny Toad ( LP Version) 歌手名 Prince



    If I had your number Id call u on the phone Id breathe a little heavy word maybe I'd start to groan I don't love u Im just a horny toad I don't want your money Cause I got all I need All I want is to rub your body until u start to bleed I don't love u Im just a horny toad If I had your address Id come right 2 your door Id knock all day till u let me in and then I'd knock some more I aint crazy Im just a horny toad If u think Im nasty U aint seen nothing yet Ysee Im the kinda brother that the more u scream the nastier I get I can't help it Im just a horny toad Now watch me dance! Run and go tell your boyfriend His loving has got you bored Might as well pack his things and get his bad **** on the road Tell him u live on a lilly pad With a horny toad