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    Some Guys Have All The Luck 專輯封面

    歌名The Killing Of Georgie (Part I And II) 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    In these days of changing ways So called liberated days A story comes to mind of a friend of mine Georgie boy was gay I guess Nothin’ more or nothin’ less The kindest guy I ever knew His mother’s tears fell in vain The afternoon george tried to explain That he needed love like all the rest Pa said there must be a mistake How can my son not be straight After all I’ve said and done for him Leavin’ home on a greyhound bus Cast out by the ones he loves A victim of these gay days it seems Georgie went to new york town Where he quickly settled down And soon became the toast of the great white way Accepted by manhattan’s elite In all the places that were chic No party was complete without george Along the boulevards he’d cruise And all the old queens blew a fuse Everybody loved georgie boy The last time I saw george alive Was in the summer of seventy-five He said he was in love I said I’m pleased George attended the opening night Of another broadway hype But split before the final curtain fell Deciding to take a short cut home Arm in arm they meant no wrong A gentle breeze blew down fifth avenue Out of a darkened side street came A new jersey gang with just one aim To roll some innocent passer-by There ensued a fearful fight Screams rang out in the night Georgie’s head hit a sidewalk cornerstone A leather kid, a switchblade knife He did not intend to take his life He just pushed his luck a little too far that night The sight of blood dispersed the gang A crowd gathered, the police came An ambulance screamed to a halt on fifty-third and third Georgie’s life ended there But I ask who really cares George once said to me and I quote He said ’never wait or hesitate Get in kid, before it’s too late You may never get another chance ’cos youth a mask but it don’t last Live it long and live it fast’ Georgie was a friend of mine Oh georgie stay, don’t go away Georgie please stay you take our breath away Oh georgie stay, don’t go away Georgie please stay you take our breath away Oh georgie stay, don’t go away Georgie, georgie please stay you take our breath away Oh georgie stay