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    Kerplunk! 龐克開跑 專輯封面

    歌名80 (Album Version) 歌手名 Green Day

    作詞 Billie Joe
    作曲 Green Day


    My mental stability reaches its bitter end And all my senses are coming unglued Is there any cure for this disease Someone called love Not as long as there are girls like you Everything she does questions my mental health It makes me lose control I can't just trust myself If someone can hear me Slap some sense in me But you turn your head And I end up talking to the wall Anxiety has got me strung out and frustrated So I lose my head and bang it up against the wall Sometimes I wonder if I should be left alone And lock myself up in a padded room I'd sit and spew my guts to the open air No one wants to hear a drunken fool I do not mind if this goes on Cause now it seems I'm too far gone I must admit that I am join myself 80 please keep taking me away


    專輯名 Kerplunk! 龐克開跑
    歌手名 Green Day
    發行日 2006-12-11