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    Dookie 道奇 專輯封面

    歌名Emenius Sleepus (Album Version) 歌手名 Green Day

    作詞 Mike Dirnt
    作曲 Array


    I saw my friend the other day And I don't know Exactly just how he became It goes to show (Chorus) It wasn't that long ago I was just like you And now I think I'm sick And I wanna go home How have you been, how have you been It's been so long What have you done with all your time And what went wrong Anybody ever so no Ever tell you that you weren't right Where did all the little kid go Did you lose it in a hateful fight And you know it's true


    專輯名 Dookie 道奇
    歌手名 Green Day
    發行日 1994-01-28