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    Unplugged MTV傳真-現場原音演唱會專輯 專輯封面

    歌名San Francisco Bay Blues (Unplugged CD Version) 歌手名 Eric Clapton

    作詞 Jesse Fuller
    作曲 Jesse Fuller


    I got blues from my baby Down in San Francisco Bay The ocean liner went so far away Didn't mean to treat her so bad She said goodbye I just sat and cried I believe I'll die I ain't got a nickel and I ain't got a lousy dime If she don't come back Ain't gonna lose my mind *If I ever get back to the bay Gonna be another brand new day Walking with my baby Down in San Francisco Bay Sitting down looking from my back door Wondering which way to go The woman I'm so crazy about Sho don't love me no more She got passed on the first train Come to a bit of blue I don't wait to get in line Thinking only of you Just might leave the city Thinking about going to sea Thought I heard my baby's voice The way she used to call my name