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    Just me 專輯封面

    歌名Just Me 歌手名 Brian McKnight

    作曲 Brian McKnight


    專輯:真實的我 (Just Me) 歌曲:Just Me 作曲:Brian McKnight This is me I write this song I try to be right more than I am wrong I play game we are not that well I have done some things of which I will never tell When things are good I stay the same When things get bad I don’t complain I made up all let it hope and be I am just me I come on show follow the town Sometimes I am up Sometimes I a down When I give back i take a little for myself I am just like anybody else I play the fool have but one I am not always very nice I live my hard life on stage on queue I do the things I have to do Of this I am sure life can be shit I wouldn’t change one day one week I may not be all that you hoped out I will be I know I am not the best you will ever see I may not be all that you hoped out I will be But I am just me


    專輯名 Just me
    歌手名 Brian McKnight
    發行日 2011-07-22