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    Just me 專輯封面

    歌名Never Felt This Way 歌手名 Brian McKnight

    作曲 Brian McKnight


    專輯:真實的我 (Just Me) 歌曲:Never Felt This Way 作曲:Brian McKnight There will never come a day You’d ever hear me say That I want and need to be without you I want to give my all Baby just hold me simply control me Cause your arms they keep away the lonelies When I look into your eyes Then I realize That all I need is you in my life All I need is you in my life Cause I’ve never felt this way about lovin’ Never felt so good so good so good Never felt this way about lovin’ It feels so good


    專輯名 Just me
    歌手名 Brian McKnight
    發行日 2011-07-22