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    Just me 專輯封面

    歌名Anytime 歌手名 Brian McKnight


    I can’t remember why we fell apart From something that was so meant to be, yeah Forever was the promise in our hearts Now, more and more I wonder where you are Do I ever cross your mind, anytime Do you ever wake up reaching out for me Do I ever cross your mind anytime I miss you Still have your picture in a frame Hear your footsteps down the hall I swear I hear your voice, driving me insane How I wish that you would call To say I miss you I miss you (no more) loneliness and heartache (no more) crying myself to sleep (don’t want no more) wondering about tomorrow Won’t you come back to me Come back to me, oh Chorus Chorus I miss you I miss you I miss you


    專輯名 Just me
    歌手名 Brian McKnight
    發行日 2011-07-22