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    The Blueprint 3 藍圖III 專輯封面

    歌名What We Talkin About [Jay-Z + Luke Steele [Of Empire Of The Sun]] (Explicit Album Version) 歌手名 JAY-Z

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    專輯:藍圖 III (The Blueprint 3) 歌曲:What We Talkin' About (Jay - Z + Luke Steele (Of Empire Of The Sun)) (Amended Album Version) Blueprint Yeah yeah, Are we talking about real sh-t or we talking about rhymes, ya talking about millions or you just talking about mine, what we talking about, cos I aint got time for what people be talking about all the time, what we talking about fiction or we talking about fact, we talking about fiction… hold up, pardon my back I'm talking about life and all i hear is oh yeah he keeps talking about crack”, i aint talking about profit, i'm talking about pain, i'm talking about despair, i m talking about shame, i aint talking about gossip, i aint talking bout Game, i ain't talking about Jimmy, I aint talking bout DAME! I'm talking about real sh-t, real people playin, what is you talking bout, i dunno what ya'll sayin, people keep talking about “ Hov take it back”! I'm doing better than before why would I do that? ain't nothing cool about carrying a strap, about worrying ya moms, and burying ya best cat, talking about revenge while you carrying his casket, all teary eyed bout to take it to a mattress. I'm talking about music i aint talking about rap, I'm talking about whats hot I aint talking about that! the conversation has changed lets yap about that, i don't run rap no more I run the map, They talk all day, we see what they say, they say they say we see what they talking about they talk … Jay, who cares what they say, they say, they say. Still they can't focus on them they be talking bout me, talkin bout what I wear, talkin bout where I be, check out my henny's…. Weezy's hair still get paid, i'm combing through G's, a small part of the reason the president is black, i told him i got him when he hit me on the jack. i'm talking about progress i ain't looking back, you know i run track, try not to get lapped, people talking about Hov left em flat, trying to rewrite history lets talk about that, Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps, he could have made more but he ain't sign his contract. As far as street guys i mean we was dealing crack, thats how the game goes, i don't owe nobody jack! grown men want me to sit em on my lap but i don't have a beard and Santa Claus aint black, i repeat, you can't sit on my lap, i dont have a beard now get off my sack. Scream at me Now that's that, lets talk about the future, we have just seen the dream as predicted by Martin Luther, and you can choose ta, sit in front of ya computer, posing with guns shooting Youtube up, or you can come with me to the Whitehouse, get ya suit up, you stuck on being hardcore I chuck the Deuce up, Peace out Medusa, welcome to da Blue ah Print ah tradepiece, Jay-Z you chewed up, tooter of my own horn, beep beep, Mooya, rassclat maneuver come through with da roof off, so I can see the sky, cos everybody talking Hov, I think we know why,