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    The Blueprint 3 藍圖III 專輯封面

    歌名Real As It Gets [Jay-Z + Young Jeezy] (Explicit Album Version) 歌手名 JAY-Z

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    Yeah its that, its that Blueprint 3 sh-t right here, Its that TM 103 sh-t right right here. You ready, you ready HOV, lets go Allow me to re-introduce myself, at the same time re-introduce my wealth, at the same time rejuvinate the game, its for my O-Dog n-ggas thats used to kane, not what b-dog said I respect the game, GD's, vice lords, the crips the same, and I know your about to say this off the chain, tell them fake trapping ass n-ggas stay out my lane, see I ain't dead or in jail i can't complain, and when these fake n-ggas gone I shall remain, and if you just tuning in let me explain, you know i keep that 47 Uday Hussein these n-ggas way too far, i played the game, if you listen hard enough I say some things, and when that sack got low, i shave them things, and put em right back together I made them things, now put your sacks in the air if your represent your click, money in the air if you ever hit a lick, put your hands in the air if you know dat … b-tch, say your looking for the real, hey well its real as real as it gets, as real as it gets, Wassup Wassup, I gotta get it, Now where the southside at, wassup wassup, where the westcoast at, put your W's up. where's my eastcoast n-ggas that hustle to live, and all my n-ggas up North thats doing it big, oh yeah I'm rare, i'm aware that I'm rare, I rap and I'm real, I'm one of the few here, these other boys lying I wonder if y'all care, they stories out this world I wonder if y'all hear, but don't really matter as long as they stay clear, clear of the real sh-t we doing over here, when my n-gga get home, i'm gonna send him a Lear, for all the time he been down, get him right up in the air, with a couple of broads get him right up in the air, mile high club get him right up in there, send my n-gga some gear like he never missed a year, by the time you hear this song, he'll be standing right here, real n-gga sh-t, A hundred million to the good and I'm still talking Yayo, at a snails pace I won this race that y'all trail, uh, blueprints for sale, follow in my footprints you can't fail, set sail, I used to duck shots but now I eat quail, I probably never see jail, each tale contains more of da truth, of the statue allows me to go into detail, uh, close your eyes you can smell, Hov's the audio equivalent of braille, thats why the feel me in the favela's in Brazil and waterhouse cos real recognise real, rrrahhhh, You know me homie, I don't need no introduction, just call me make a lil something out of nothing everywhere you go, were the topic of discussion, damn, thats gotta be disgusting, err, sh-t make me wanna throw up, it's big boy music, it should make you wanna grow up, flows like syrup should make me wanna pour up, is it just me or it make you wanna roll up, a big fat one then unpack one, then unwrap one, peel back one, they used to call me chisel with a stamp in the middle, and you can tell the colour when its damp in the middle,