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    The Blueprint 3 藍圖III 專輯封面

    歌名Hate [Jay-Z + Kanye West] (Explicit Album Version) 歌手名 JAY-Z

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    Haters, Haters, These n-ggas haters, and I made myself so easy to love, Yeh, yeh How much they hate it? very! Kiss girls like Katy Perry, I am never sprung but I Springer Jerry, Don't try this at home, Results may vary, King like T.i But in the Chi, Larry, Hoover, Hova, Both are American Gangsters, You choose whose colder, Rappers get nasty in the booth but im gross so I can't even stomach myself, ulcer! More realer cos I'm closer, Had girlies in girdles wearing more than they supposed ta, Poser, no sir, My hustle, so Russell, I stretch work, Yoga, You know i got it down dog, Al Roker, I used to knock pounds off, It ain't nothing for me to knock nouns off, at these MC's praying for my downfall, They just haters, I wave at you, I'm so player, I'll never be done, I'm so rare, We killing the game, its not fair, You muthaf-ckers stay right there, cos we too high up in the air, we blasting off just like a laser, n-gga, pee-une, pee-une, pee-une gimme back, gimme room room room, DB9 like vroom vroom vroom, Youing Hov what we doin doin doin? We ballin b-tches, Eating ya food leaving dishes, Why these n-ggas always talking Lear talk Ye? Why I never see em at the clear port Ye? Why I always hear they at the Airport? Why i fly daily like i'm in the Airforce? Therefore, please stop talking my ears off, millionnaire talk, You haters, you mad at me cos y'all paper, need to get his muthaf-cking weight up, Hold up, wait up, I ain't done, name one thing that I ain't done, it hurts when you say that I aint the one, You haters, How do i gain your favor? i need to know cause i care, i need you to love me i swear-ah, Look here-ah, see Ye is running the Chi like Gale Sayers, Im running New York, i got the Mayor on my pager, you can't fade us, you haters, i need you, stay back, i breathe you, like air-ah, air-ah, air-ah, yeah yeah yeah yeah-a yeah yeah yeah yeah-a where are my haters, i love all my haters love all my haters, I love all my haters, uh uh uh, haters, hater hater….