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    The Blueprint 3 藍圖III 專輯封面

    歌名So Ambitious [Jay-Z + Pharrell] (Explicit Album Version) 歌手名 JAY-Z

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    Yeah 3 in the morning on the Westside highway, top down baby, F-ck y'all The motivation for me was them telling me what I couldn't be, oh well, This a special dedication, i wanna thank you for the fuel, no really thank you, I felt so inspired by what my teacher said, said I'd either be dead or be a reefer head, not sure if thats how adults should speak ta kids, especially when the only thing i did was speak in class, i'll teach his ass, even betters what my uncle did, I pop my demo tape in start to beat my head, peaked out my eye, see if he was beating his, he might as well-have-said beat it kid, he's on the list, its like Im searching for kicks like a sneaker head, he gon keep pushing me until i reach the ledge, and when I reach the ledge i'll tell em all to eat a d-ck, take a leap of faith and let my eagle wings spread, spread spread. Motivation for me was them telling me what I could not be, oh well, I'm so ambitious, I might hit two sisters, hey im on a mission no matter what the conditions, Forget the personal issues when you been what i been through, hey if you believe it, then you could conceive it. I had to lace up my boots even harder, father is too far away to father, further-more of the kids either smoke reefer, or either move white, theres few writers in my cipher, so they made lighter, my type a dreams seem dumb they said wise up, how many guys a you see making it from here, the world don't like us, is that not clear, alright, But I'm different, i can't base what I'm gonna be off a what everybody isn't, they don't listen, just whispering behind my back, no vision, lack of ambition, so wack! Had a couple of meetings no offers yet, maybe I aint good enough for these offices, back to the drawing board ducking officers, it's all good cos the streets is A&R'ing this, so with or without any of your involvement, coming for all of this, respect my conglomerate, I went from pauper to the President, every deal I ever made set precedent, n-ggas prob'ly thought I'd fall without ol' buddy, oh buddy, what i do is make more money, Dear Teacher, your probably somewhere near a speaker, i'm balling outta control, can you hear my sneakers, f-ck y'all,